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Dragonball Season 2 Remastered Empty Dragonball Season 2 Remastered

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Dragonball Season 2 Remastered Myphot12
The new first season set of Dragon Ball uncut isn't even out yet and they've already announced this season two set. While the main reason to buy the first is the first chance ever to own the original thirteen episodes uncut in a proper North American set most fans will probably continue on buying this one as well. I suspect many of those who already own this batch of episodes uncut on the old sets will buy this one as well in an effort to collect all the episodes in nice sets that complement each other when lined up on a shelf. Given the running time of 720 minutes this set should contain the following thirty episodes from the Red Ribbon Army, General Blue and Commander Red Sagas:

All these episodes are being presented in remastered editions of their original full frame (4:3 Aspect Ratio) format. Audio is being done with English or Japanese voice track options and the original Japanese musical score in 5.1 Surround. Funimation Dragon Ball releases haven't had any special features other than previews for other Funimation products, so don't expect to find any here either.

I'm very happy with the cover art selection for these titles so far. Let's hope they don't start just throwing random characters on the cover (Piccolo on Dragon Ball Z Season 7??? What was that?). Hopefully all the Dragon Ball sets will come out as fast as these first two, thanks for your time.

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