If The Videos Aren't Working/Are Loading Really Slow...

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If The Videos Aren't Working/Are Loading Really Slow... Empty If The Videos Aren't Working/Are Loading Really Slow...

Post  Usamones on Thu Jun 07, 2012 12:33 am

Here's a few suggestions if the videos doesn't seem to be working:

- First and foremost...CHANGE SOURCES. Many of the videos have more than one video player. Look at the top of the video player. Do you see tabs? Those are the different sources. If one's not working choose another.

- You're using the "Dubbed" source. That doesn't work for most people so if it's not working don't bother. The only solution to that would be replacing it with a new video which only the admin can do so don't ask for "ways to fix it".

- Videoweed also isn't recommended since it loads VERY slowly for most people. It's fine for some, but most it's just really slow. No way to fix it like I mentioned above...except maybe buying a premium account for Videoweed but who's really gonna do that?

- If it says "video not found" you're probably on one of 4shared's videos. In that case, go to the 4shared website and make an account. Make sure you're signed in and most, MOST of the videos afterward that are on the 4shared video player should start working. It shouldn't be necessary, but some people like to keep a tab open with themselves signed into 4shared. Couldn't hurt to try.

- If you're watching DBZ, my best suggestion to avoid ANY of these problems is to just download it. In the download section at the very bottom there's a link to a torrent for whatever season you're on. If you have a fairly good internet speed it should take no more than an hour to download. You don't even have to keep the videos in your system. Just delete it afterwards. It's not that hard.
DB and DBGT don't have full season torrent downloads and if I'm correct, the individual link downloads are out of commission due to the government crud so...yeah.

- If videos still aren't working even after getting a 4shared account, then the link is simply dead...again, only the admin can fix that.

So in regards to DBZ, if you don't wanna bother with downloading and watching it on your computer season by season for whatever nonsense reason (unless you have cruddy internet speed, or your parents won't allow you, blah blah blah, other than things like that, there's nothing you can argue ^^) you'll have to find something else.


It would be better if you also download the VLC media player. Aside from it being downright one of the BEST media players, you'll be able to easily change the audio/music. The videos automatically start with the original audio music (not Bruce Faulconer's music). If you want BF's soundtrack, just click on "audio" then go to "Audio track" and select the "Funimation" option.

This would work best for the people who choose to complain about Dubbed/Videoweed not working well cause they refuse to listen to the original audio source due to it not being Faulconer's soundtrack.

**Again with Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT; if after signing up for 4shared doesn't help then they simply do not work at the moment (until the admin comes and changes the videos) and you'll have to find another alternative. This also applies to the movies/specials/Kai. Sorry.

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