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Something Bugs me Empty Something Bugs me

Post  SuperVegeta on Sat Jun 04, 2011 3:06 pm

Hey guys
There is something bugs me in DBZ episodes its just that i hate the preview when they show the last episode
it just keeps me waiting till the new episode starts
so please if possible i would like the admin to remove all the previews for the DBZ episodes
if its complicated and take too much time that's fine
but its really something annoying to me


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Something Bugs me Empty respectfully disagree

Post  GatorPit on Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:12 am


I understand we all have our own opinions but I really think that removing the episode intros would be a bad thing.
I like watching the episodes as they were intended to be, as they were origionally made.
It could be argued that this is how we were supposed to watch it from the creators point of view.
Sometimes when you havn't watched in a few days the catch up showing what previously happened is just what you need.
Also, at least in Dragonball, the episode intros would actually show something a little different than how the previous episode actually ended. Adding to the greatness of the show.
Personally, I would even love it if the had the shows intro song at the beginning of each episode, and the credits song.
They were sick in my opinion.
From one fan to another, please reconsider your request. Others may miss out on the full effect of the show.



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